Monday, March 19, 2018

10 reasons why blogging is awesome

Hey readers,
How you doin'? So, three years ago, I started blogging just for the fun of it. I also took a computer class and learned some HTML basics because I was interested in learning new things. I met a lot of amazing bloggers online. Although, it is just something that I like to do as a time-pass, it is a part of me and now I can't even imagine my life without blogging.

1- It's free!
You don't have to pay for anything which was actually surprising to me when I first started blogging. This is awesome. However, if you want to have your own domain name then you will have to pay. Otherwise, it's completely free.

2- Anyone can make one
Want to become a blogger? Create your website in just a few steps and enjoy! It's fast and easy. Oh, you should probably know that maintaining a website is not as easy as creating one. (But that's another story) :)

3- Less hate
Although the internet is full of hate, I feel like I don't see it while blogging. If anything, I only see bloggers encouraging each other which is amazing. You can basically talk about your day and you will get good comments. I really like this kind of positivity. I think this is the best part of blogging.

4- Meeting new people
I can't even tell you how many amazing people I met trough blogging. It is just wonderful how you meet people from everywhere and can connect with them so well. I just love how the blogging community is so friendly.

5- Inspiring
For those of you who want to inspire the world, here's your chance. Since blogging is open to anyone, it is a great way to inspire people. As a reader, you can also get inspired at the same time.

6- Personal
Your blog is your own personal space. It's like your online personal journal, except other people will be able to read your blog. There is no rules, no limits, no deadlines. You get to blog whenever you want and about what you want. You are completely free. (This is an amazing feeling) :D

7- Business
If you want to grow your business, sell a product or become a professional writer, blogging is what you need. It can be helpful in so many ways.

8- Recognition
Doesn't it feel wonderful to be part of a community? Well, if you blog, you'll be part of the blogging community and you feel definitely feel special.

9- Self-Growth
If ever you decide to blog, you will be doing it for yourself and for your own peace of mind. It is a good way to develop your talents.You will be sharing content that interest you and inspire other at the same time. It's a win-win situation.

10- For the fun of it
BLOGGING IS FUN! As I said above, you can simply write about day, share your skills, write about your traveling experience and inspire other people. Being your own boss, doing what you want, sharing awesome content without getting any hate? Who wouldn't want that?! Let's not forget that it's all free!


  1. This is so true. Every one of these points is important. New bloggers especially should focus on these points, instead of trying to get views and followers. At the end of the day, the value of the blog is based on what the blog means to YOU and how much you love what you do and write!
    Thank you for sharing this lovely reminder about blogging :)

    1. Exactly. We often forget that we do not blog for the world but for ourselves and therefore our blogs should represent us.

      Thank you for passing by Kanra! :D

  2. Preach it, sister! :D I completely agree with every one of these. I was frankly surprised by how sweet and supportive the blogging community is. I mean, Internet comment sections are infamous for their ability to spur the stupidest of arguments lol. But, at least in the small blog subcommunity, bloggers and readers alike are overwhelmingly positive. Some of it is definitely more... sincere than others, but my expectations were really quite blown away. :')

    I'm not even going to start on how amazing blogging is for personal growth, inspiration, etc. This comment will turn into a novel if I do lmao. But you are totally right -- it's fantastic for all those things. I don't regret blogging one bit.

    Great reminders! Thanks for puttin' them out there! :D

    1. I know right! I mean if you want a calm space to connect with people on the internet it is definitely trough blogging.

      It is such a wonderful thing. I absolutely love it and I surely encourage other people to do it if they feel like it. There is no need to think twice :)

      Thank you Eve for your amazing comments :D

  3. You have sum up all the things...blogging is great! i just love it and love connecting with bloggers.

    1. Hahhaa, I hope I did! Awesome, thanks for passing by! :)


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