Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A new blog name - Trying new things

Hey awesome readers,

How is your 2018 going on so far? The first month of 2018 is almost over. Yet, I am still living in 2017. Hahaa. Well, that's okay. It takes time to realize that we are actually in 2018 right? :D
As you can see, I have made some changes to my blog, not only the name of my blog but the url too.
So from now on, you can find me on:

This was actually really stressing because finding the perfect name for your blog is not an easy thing to do and so I am not sure if this is "the one" but I felt like changing it and so I did. Besides, I can always change it later on if I feel like it.

It's good to try new things even though you aren't so sure about it. The results can only be good or bad. And if it doesn't work out, you can always change your way around it. This is basically the point of life right? Try new things. Don't like it? Find something new and keep trying until you find your fit.

So the reason that I changed it from LiveLove&Laugh :) to The Daily Sunlight is because Livelovelaugh is for one very common and so it didn't make my blog much personal. It is a nice blog name but it was too general.

The Daily Sunlight is a lovely blog name and it also represent my blog content well as my posts are mostly about motivation and spreading positive vibes. After all, the aim of my blog is to bring a little bit of light into people's lives and into the darkness of life.

Alright, well I hope you guys like the new name of this blog. There is going to be more changes on my blog  :D Also, if you have any suggestions for my blog, don't be shy! :)

Till' next time, keep hustling, stay strong and don't forget to smile.


  1. The new name and url are super cute! What kind of other new things are you going to be doing on the blog? I'm very curious about what you've got planned!

    1. Oh thank you Kanra! I am glad you like it :D

      Oh they are just small changes like organizing the sidebar a little and the nav bar. :)

  2. "Yet, I am still living in 2017." Accurate beyond words lol!!

    I think The Daily Sunlight is a fantastic new name. I really, really like it. LiveLove&Laugh was great, too, but I agree that this new one adds a bit more personal touch, and it paints very well the picture of what your blog is and the joy and light it spreads. I'm excited to see you trying out new things, and you're braver than I when it comes to this one! Haha. Looking forward to seeing where you go from here. :)

    New year, new day, new you!

    (Arghh, wrote an even longer comment the first time 'round, then realized I wasn't logged in so refreshed the page and lost the original. *cries*)

    1. Awww thank you so much Eve :D And yeah I surely agree with you. I think it reflects well the colors of my blog :) Haaahaa. it's just stressing you know x)

      Ommmg. It happens to me too sometimes. But short or long, having your wonderful comments are always appreciated :)Thank you Eve!

  3. Beautiful blog name!
    Have a nice week!
    Gil Zetbase

    1. Thank you so much Gil! :)
      Have an amazing week yourself! :D


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