Sunday, June 17, 2018

The future of blogging

Hey readers,

So recently, I was having a conversation with another blogger and we were talking about blogging and our future. Isn't it weird that we are always planning about our future yet we have absolutely no idea what the future holds for us?

In fact, prior to writing this post, I did not even think about what will happen to my blog in the future. But as I am writing this, I still don't have an answer to it. I don't know if I'll keep blogging, I don't know if I'll become too busy or have any other reason to quit blogging. The future is unknown which is probably why I haven't given it much thought but all I know is that I love blogging.

I have been blogging for four years now and I can't complain. I love how other bloggers are so kind and always ready to help you out. I love meeting other people who share the same interest as me or even meet people with new interests who fascinates me. Like I said in my other posts, you don't see much hate between bloggers and instead you see a lot of bonding, sharing, caring and understanding and more. I can call myself a blogger and be proud of it. This is just an amazing feeling.

I may not know anything about my future, but I know that at this very moment, I am writing this post and have a few ideas for my next posts too and I will keep blogging until I can because I love being part of the blogosphere. Blogging is now a part of me and I don't ever want to quit it.

This is really just a little appreciation message to myself to remind me that the future might be unknown, but the present is not and so I should appreciate the greats things now that can lead towards more happiness in the future or simply appreciate it before it goes away.

Let's talk!

What do you think about blogging? Do you have any idea what will happen to your blog in the future? Do you think you'll keep blogging?

Friday, June 1, 2018

Because it matters.

Hey readers,

Happy Friday! This week was really great for me as I did something new. I spend some time with my friend in the nature and really enjoyed that moment. I loved being surrounded by trees in a quiet place. I also did a little exploring in my own city which was amazing because that is something I don't usually do. I hate going out normally or more like I hate getting ready to go out. But, once I am out there, I do love it. I guess I am just too much comfortable at home. If you are like me, you know that being in your comfort zone can be both satisfying and problematic because you are so comfortable that you wouldn't want to go out there and do anything. The worst part is when you do go out and you feel like you have achieved so much while we all know that's not exactly true.

Well, there is certainly one thing I believe and that is that when you go out, even if it's just for grocery shopping or spending time with someone, you always learn something. Sometimes you don't even realize it but you do learn a lot and that feeling is actually amazing. I learned a lot of new things, I saw new places, I got to know more things about my friend, new thoughts came to mind and much more. 

When you experience, learn or see new things, you feel a little bit of change in your inner self (good or bad depending on what experience) but it does stay with you as it becomes either a part of you or a memory for you to think back about it.

We can't possibly change in one day. If there is something about you that you want to change or improve, you have to take little steps. Just like a baby, you have to take small steps, walk slowly and focus. If you fall, you will have to get back up and keep on going. Whether we are talking about big goals or small, the procedure is the same.

I feel like we mostly think big these days but that's not the problem. The problem is that we think too big that we forget about the little things. Yes, we all want a big house and a nice car. But what about that first car you bought with your own money? Doesn't that count? What about the first time you even drove a car? That is an achievement too. But we don't tend to remember these things because we always want to think ahead. Once you get your driving license you will directly think about purchasing a car for yourself instead of simply appreciating the moment. This is an example of a little achievement that we would take for granted. It's just something we do. We don't stop and take a moment to be proud of ourselves. We think to ourselves that it is nothing big and we move on. We are all guilty of this and we should start appreciating little things. At the end, it is the little things that leads to bigger goals.

What is new for you might be a regular thing for anyone else but that is not a reason to take it for granted. There is a first time for everything. When you experience or learn something, you make your own self happy and that's why you should be grateful for it. Also, you never know when learning something can serve you in the future. We should all be thankful for what we have and sometimes take a moment to simply appreciate everything, even the little things. :) 

What did you learn recently? How do you feel about it?

Monday, May 7, 2018

How to support other bloggers

Hey readers,
How are you doing? So in my last blog post we talked about where to find your type of blogs and in the previous one we talked about how blogging is awesome and that if you are interested you should definitely go for it. (I'll put in the links below) Now I want to talk about how you can support other bloggers.

So you made a blog, you found other bloggers that you find interesting. Now what?
Don't you want to support them like they support you?

Here are some ways you can support them :D

1- Subscribe/ Follow
If you like a blog, subscribe to it. Be part of their mailing list. This is an indirect way of saying I love your blog and I want to see more of your awesome posts. I feel like it is pretty hard to get followers on a blog because no matter how much your blog is awesome, people might hesitate to click that button. It is much easier for people to follow you on twitter instead and just click your links whenever they want to check out your blog. But if you really like a blog, you should follow it so you will be notified when they post. :)

2- Comment
Bloggers love comments. It takes time to create a new post and if you take time to comment on people's blogs, they will love it and be even more motivated to create new posts. Let them know how you enjoy their posts, how you want to see more of those, how you can relate to them. Comments are one of the best ways to support bloggers.

3- Follow them on social media
There are numerous ways a blogger can promote their new blog post. I feel like bloggers mainly promote their posts on twitter and instagram, pinterest and on bloglovin' so if you see these links on their blog just go ahead and click them and follow them. Don't hesitate to message them and let them know you enjoy reading their blog posts. A simple act of kindness can change everything!

4- Buy their "stuff"
If a blogger is selling some of their products like maybe on Etsy or something, you can support them by buying their products.

5- Share away
One thing that you can do is share a blog post. If you really enjoying reading a post or find it inspiring, just go ahead and share it with anyone you know. You can share it on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest. Retweet it on twitter, repost on instagram, pin it on pinterest.

If you do some or all of this, I promise you, you are not only making other bloggers happy, but yourself too because what you give is what you get. If you show lots of love and support towards other bloggers, they will return the love too.

Also, this will help you build a stronger bond with other bloggers and perhaps you might end up with awesome blogging buddies :D

Blogging isn't just about yourself, it is about a whole community. - H.P.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Where to find your type of blogs?

Hey readers,
What do you do in your free time? Except for being a couch potato, I also like to just sit down with my laptop and a few snacks and start watching YouTube videos, then go around my social media accounts. I actually love to read books, interesting articles. But ever since I started blogging, reading other blogs has become a part of my free time. When you blog, you will most definitely read other blogs as it is a part of blogging itself. But how do you go around and search for them?

1) Trough your own comments
When someone comments on your blog, there is a big chance that person will leave their blog link for you to check it out. That's a win-win situation as you get to meet a new blogger and support each other at the same time.

2) My first source of discovering new blogs (outside your blog) is definitely twitter. It is so easy to search trough hashtags (bloggers), blogging communities, bloggers chats. One thing that is amazing about twitter is that you can retweet what you want to share with your followers and so if you follow someone and that person retweets a blog post, you'll be able to see it and that way you get to check out that blog.

Also, people will usually post in their bio what type of content they have on their blogs and will attach their blog link too. They will also share their posts on their feed, that way you are just one click away from falling in love with other blogs :D

3) Trough comments from other blogs
It's already great that you get blog links in your own posts but when you comment on other blogs, you can see bloggers commenting there as well and it's nice to just click their links and read their posts too.

4) Facebook groups
You can always join Facebook groups that supports bloggers. It can help as people leave their latest blog posts for you to read them and you can also share your blog.

5) Bloglovin'
Bloglovin' is a classy yet beautiful place where you can discover blogs. I am just in love with it. I feel like if you are a blogger, it is a must for you to have it.

You can also simply google a type of blog that you are looking for and it will give you lots of options. For example, if you are a travel blogger and want to discover more, you can type "Top 50 travel bloggers" on google and you will get plenty of results.

It is always nice to discover new blogs or simply follow the blogs that you love ♥ 

~ Laugh like crazy and make people wonder what's wrong with you ~

Monday, March 19, 2018

10 reasons why blogging is awesome

Hey readers,
How you doin'? So, three years ago, I started blogging just for the fun of it. I also took a computer class and learned some HTML basics because I was interested in learning new things. I met a lot of amazing bloggers online. Although, it is just something that I like to do as a time-pass, it is a part of me and now I can't even imagine my life without blogging.

1- It's free!
You don't have to pay for anything which was actually surprising to me when I first started blogging. This is awesome. However, if you want to have your own domain name then you will have to pay. Otherwise, it's completely free.

2- Anyone can make one
Want to become a blogger? Create your website in just a few steps and enjoy! It's fast and easy. Oh, you should probably know that maintaining a website is not as easy as creating one. (But that's another story) :)

3- Less hate
Although the internet is full of hate, I feel like I don't see it while blogging. If anything, I only see bloggers encouraging each other which is amazing. You can basically talk about your day and you will get good comments. I really like this kind of positivity. I think this is the best part of blogging.

4- Meeting new people
I can't even tell you how many amazing people I met trough blogging. It is just wonderful how you meet people from everywhere and can connect with them so well. I just love how the blogging community is so friendly.

5- Inspiring
For those of you who want to inspire the world, here's your chance. Since blogging is open to anyone, it is a great way to inspire people. As a reader, you can also get inspired at the same time.

6- Personal
Your blog is your own personal space. It's like your online personal journal, except other people will be able to read your blog. There is no rules, no limits, no deadlines. You get to blog whenever you want and about what you want. You are completely free. (This is an amazing feeling) :D

7- Business
If you want to grow your business, sell a product or become a professional writer, blogging is what you need. It can be helpful in so many ways.

8- Recognition
Doesn't it feel wonderful to be part of a community? Well, if you blog, you'll be part of the blogging community and you feel definitely feel special.

9- Self-Growth
If ever you decide to blog, you will be doing it for yourself and for your own peace of mind. It is a good way to develop your talents.You will be sharing content that interest you and inspire other at the same time. It's a win-win situation.

10- For the fun of it
BLOGGING IS FUN! As I said above, you can simply write about day, share your skills, write about your traveling experience and inspire other people. Being your own boss, doing what you want, sharing awesome content without getting any hate? Who wouldn't want that?! Let's not forget that it's all free!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A new blog name - Trying new things

Hey awesome readers,

How is your 2018 going on so far? The first month of 2018 is almost over. Yet, I am still living in 2017. Hahaa. Well, that's okay. It takes time to realize that we are actually in 2018 right? :D
As you can see, I have made some changes to my blog, not only the name of my blog but the url too.
So from now on, you can find me on:

This was actually really stressing because finding the perfect name for your blog is not an easy thing to do and so I am not sure if this is "the one" but I felt like changing it and so I did. Besides, I can always change it later on if I feel like it.

It's good to try new things even though you aren't so sure about it. The results can only be good or bad. And if it doesn't work out, you can always change your way around it. This is basically the point of life right? Try new things. Don't like it? Find something new and keep trying until you find your fit.

So the reason that I changed it from LiveLove&Laugh :) to The Daily Sunlight is because Livelovelaugh is for one very common and so it didn't make my blog much personal. It is a nice blog name but it was too general.

The Daily Sunlight is a lovely blog name and it also represent my blog content well as my posts are mostly about motivation and spreading positive vibes. After all, the aim of my blog is to bring a little bit of light into people's lives and into the darkness of life.

Alright, well I hope you guys like the new name of this blog. There is going to be more changes on my blog  :D Also, if you have any suggestions for my blog, don't be shy! :)

Till' next time, keep hustling, stay strong and don't forget to smile.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Filled with happiness

Hey readers,

Infuse your life with happiness and I promise you that you'll feel more alive! You got to do something that makes you happy and not let anyone discourage you. I know you hear this everywhere but it is really important to remind people to be true to their own self. So, my advice for you is to BE YOURSELF AND BE HAPPY! :)

source: picmonkey (edited)

Even the little things in life can make you so happy that it becomes a big thing itself and the level of happiness is incredible. And as the quote sums it perfectly, "put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success".

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Places I want to visit

Hey readers,
I am sure that everyone has their lists of places they would want to visit and here is mine. These are just some of them that are worth it. These places have a beautiful story behind them which is absolutely amazing. Read along my travel wishlist and you might fall in love like I did! :)

 Dubai Mall

This mall is one of the largest malls ever and it contains a whole new world in itself. There is an aquarium and an underwater zoo. There is also an ice rink, cinemas, rain forest cafe and much more. You just can't get bored in there. Definitely a place to wander.


2. The Shard

Being in London, The Shard is also a beautiful place to have amazing views. It contains offices and restaurants and it is just a really great atmosphere. It would be a great place to sit and relax.


Tokyo Skytree, Japan

I have always wanted to go Japan for many reasons and here are some places that I would love to      visit in Tokyo. If watching the view from the Skytree is as beautiful as it looks in this picture then it's totally worth it.


Hachiko Statue, Tokyo, Japan

This is all about a beautiful story of a dog and his loyalty to his master. This statue was build in Hachiko's honor and it's a must see. The story will make you cry! ;0


Happy Valley Shangai, China

Because why wouldn't you go to an amusement park? Enjoying rides and having fun is always awesome! And this place is also very greenery. :D


Lotus Temple, India

The Lotus temple is a lotus in itself which is beautiful. This temple is filled with the beauty of architecture and fine art and is also religious. I absolutely love the design.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Seeing the good things

Hey readers,

Good morning! I hope you guys are having an amazing day. I just felt like waking up today and start writing a little positive message for my lovely readers because we all need some positivity in our daily lives.

Isn't it weird that one day you are struggling to do something or to succeed at even a small task and then you start feeling depressed and think of yourself as the most useless person in the entire world. But then again there comes a day when you just feel the complete opposite of that. You feel productive, successful and pretty much just amazing with a great load of energy and positive vibes. You basically feel like you can conquer the world and own everything. Boy, that must be such a great feeling huh?

Well, guess what? YOU CAN TOTALLY FEEL THIS WAY ANY DAY! You just need to focus on the good side of your life. For example, if you're having a bad day then you can always tell yourself it is surely a bad day but not a bad life. The rest of your week can still be awesome. Who knows! It is important to stay positive.

To see things clearly, to know where you are going in life, you have to keep smiling and stay optimistic. Be hopeful and I promise you that you'll be grateful for it.

As always, keep smiling! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall in love with Bloglovin'

Hey awesome people,
I hope you are having an awesome week! Today I am going to talk about an amazing blogging tool that is, Bloglovin'. I am totally lovin' it! If you're a blogger and you don't use Bloglovin', you are missing out big time. Trust me, it is beneficial in EVERY way and not only for you but for your readers too. I honestly recommend this tool to every blogger.

Why you should use Bloglovin'?
  • It is FREE. (promotes your blog)
  • You can keep up your readings from other blogs
  • Your readers can keep up with your blog posts ( they can "love", share or save it and read it later)
  • You can follow your favorite blogs and people will follow your blog(s) too
  • Other bloggers can find your blog 
  • Automatically displays your new posts on your profile ( I was fascinated by that :P )
  • Gives you your blog analytics
  • You can create groups and manage the blogs you follow
  •  It keeps everything organized (You can choose to sort your readings by date (newest to the oldest)) 
  • You get notified each time someone follows you or your blog(s) (depends on your notifications preference)

These past few days/weeks I've fallen behind my readings because of the reality world but I will definitely catch it all up! There are some bloggers who just knows how to attract you with beautiful images and unique titles and without even reading the beginning of their posts, I directly save them to read later. I mostly use Bloglovin' when it comes to reading new blog posts posted by the ones I follow or new bloggers that I find interesting but I do know some bloggers who do not use Bloglovin' and therefore I follow them directly by email. I also have a reading list on blogger which adds up every time I follow a blog and it keeps me updated with new posts.

If you are interesting and want to know more just head over at Bloglovin'.
Create your account, claim your blog & fall in love ;D

How to set up Bloglovin' & claim your blog: The Blog Planner
Click on that blog and she will give you a great guide with pictures and details on how to to get started with Bloglovin'.

You can always follow me by clicking here or by clicking on the follow me on Bloglovin' button right under "To find your way,"on the right-side bar of this blog where you can find my other social accounts. (Both leads you to my blog on Bloglovin')